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Living in Australia offers a lifestyle beyond compare. But the threat of bushfires is never far from your doorstep and needs to be considered when building or renovating. Australian Standards outline different construction practices and building materials for five bushfire hazard levels, known as Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs). 

BAL 12.5: Low

BAL 19: Moderate

BAL 29: High

BAL 40: Very high

BAL FZ: Flame zone

BAL 40

Corinthian offers a large range of doors designed and manufactured to meet the regulatory requirements of building to BAL 40 standards. To determine your home’s BAL rating, and any special requirements for building in your area, consult your local council, government, or local fire authority. 


  • Entrance doors MUST be installed in weather protected openings;
  • You should avoid getting your doors wet, even after finishing/sealing; and
  • NEVER hose your door down.
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