Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt
Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

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Ideal for use on new doors or as a replacement on an existing door lock on your home. The Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt is also suitable for internal and light commercial doors, such as storerooms and shop fronts.

It offers you flexibility with the use of a master pin code, 20 user codes and a visitor code that can be valid for up to two weeks. It also has a weather resistant keypad, low battery warning, key override for emergencies and many more features for your safety and convenience.

  • Touch screen keypad with no mechanical buttons leaves no trace of your secret pin code
  • One master pin code will manage up to twenty user pin codes
  • Emergency key override in the event your battery goes flat
  • Ability to program a code that may last from 3 hours to 2 weeks

*pleae note- We don't set or change any codes and leave the digital lock codes in manufacturers mode, (this means we never know your codes) entering new codes is very easy and all locks come with step by step booklets