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MARCO - Brushed Nickel

MARCO - Brushed Nickel

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The Marco Kitchen Cupboard Handle has for many years been Zanda’s biggest selling cabinet handle.

The Marco handle has its base in Modernism, however the use of stainless steel as a finish categorises it as more a contemporary kitchen handle. Very simple and uncluttered lines have been used to maintain the clean and slimline look. The curved inside edge of the handle, makes it extremely comfortable in the hand.

The handle is only 8mm in width making it incredibly sleak, and has a 26mm projection meaning it doesn’t stick out too far off your cupboards or drawers.

It comes in a variety of different sizes up to 356mm. Sizes include;

6336 – 96mm crs, 122mm o/a length,

6337 – 128mm crs, 157mm o/a length,

6338 – 160mm crs, 193mm o/a length,

6339 – 192mm crs, 225mm o/a length,

6340 – 240mm crs, 276mm o/a length,

6382 – 320mm crs, 356mm o/a length,

The Marco is available in Brushed Nickel which is a Stainless look and in a Satin Chrome finish.

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