White herringbone Barn Door

White herringbone Barn Door

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Barn Door | Internal Doors | Herringbone  Barn Door

 Material MDF & Pine
Weight 40kg
Colour Off White
Finish PVC Veneer
 Available Size


Solid wooden barn door, has slot on the bottom for the floor guide, ready to be installed;

This product only contains the Barn Door, all tracks & hardware needs to be purchased from us separately;


What size barn door you need?

Usually the barn door needs to cover the whole opening, it could be the same hight as the opening but must be larger than the width of the opening. For large opening you can consider not only single but also double sliding barn doors

Door Size Opening Width Opening Height Minimum Space Above the Door
2150x820x40MM W < 720MM H < 2150MM 160mm
2150x920x40MM  W < 820MM H < 2150MM 160mm
2150x1020x40MM W < 920MM H < 2150MM 160mm

If there is archive around the opening, it is better to fully cover the archives;

Still not sure what size you need? Contact us anytime


We can do installations for South side brisbane customers, contact us for more details;